About The Elf

About Me

I'm a food lover and industrious elf living, writing, cooking, growing and (sometimes) crafting in Edinburgh. I love using the best quality produce I can find to create delicious feasts, from the canapes and cocktails to the petit fours. My favourite thing to do is to cook for people and will go to any lengths to create the perfect ambiance for guests, down to the hand painted menus and background playlist. I'm also thrifty, using up every scrap to get the most out of great ingredients. I love embarking on ambitious foodie projects, curing my own bacon, foraging for free food and making my own preserves to name but a few.

On the balcony at Ballymaloe

In 2012 I completed the 12 Week Professional Cookery Course at the world famous Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, something I've always wanted to do. I got to experience the best of the best ingredients, learn hundreds of new skills and meet some amazing chefs and producers. You can read more about my adventures at Ballymaloe here on my blog. By day I work in communications, writing, designing and planning campaigns but I devote as much spare time as I can to a life that revolves around good food.

I'm now living in Edinburgh, a beautiful city with so much to enjoy and explore. There's lots of foodie places and people to discover, I'm spoiled. I'm now involved in a few community projects in Edinburgh, as I feel there's little to be gained by sitting around moaning about the the state of food, food culture and politics in the UK and the world and not doing anything about it.

Taking action is important, so I'm teaching cookery classes, using my food, communications and project management experience to help set up a community greengrocers, and supporting movements like Slow Food (I'm now the chair of Slow Food Edinburgh - how did that happen?). I'm also growing my own food as much as I can in a tenement flat!

I hope you enjoy reading about my life cooking in Edinburgh here at Lonely on a Sunday!